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Bandito Slot 2

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Slot Bandito

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Game Mode

Free Fire offers over 15 game modes, including team death races, conflict teams, big heads, explosive jumps, cold steel, zombie hunting, frenzy, and pet fanaticism. However, other modes except for Escape, Conflict Squad, and Lone Wolf are only available during special events.

The escape mode in Free Fire can accommodate up to 52 players to land on an island without carrying weapons. They must strive to become the last survivors by scraping weapons and equipment from buildings. Playing this mode in ranking mode will affect their ranking. There are 6 maps to choose from: Bermuda, Bermuda Remake, Kalahari, Purgatory, Alps, and NeXTerra. This mode allows single player, double player, or team games.

Clash Squad is a 4-on-4 mode where players purchase weapons and items from in-game stores during preparation time and engage in battles with opposing teams. This mode adopts a 7-game 3-win system, lasting for 4 to 7 rounds. When winning each round of the competition, all players of one team are killed, whether by the opponent or due to environmental factors. As of 2022, The map used in Clash Squad is the same as the map used in Escape mode. This mode can be used as a ranking or leisure mode.

Lone Wolf is a variant of Clash Squad mode, which can be performed in a 1-on-1 or 2-on-2 "two person" mode with more complex rules. In each round, both sides have the opportunity to choose the equipment for the next two rounds. The game adopts a 5-game, 3-win system. If both teams win 4 rounds each, starting from the last round, both sides can choose any weapon they like. Starting from the turn, all players will automatically equip basic items such as vests and helmets. This mode is performed on an independent map called Iron Dome.

Craftland allows players to design their own maps in Free Fire using the game's built-in building tools. The created map can be shared and played with others. Craftland also supports script editing for advanced customization, giving creators greater freedom to implement their ideas. Players can add buildings, game elements, and decorations to the map until the maximum space limit is reached. There are two maps available for players to use as the basis for design.

Role system

Free Fire has a system with over 50 characters. Each character has a unique skill, which can be an active skill or a passive skill. Active skills can be manually triggered through in-game buttons, while passive skills are automatically triggered. Each character can equip 4 skills, including their own skills and 3 skills from other characters (one character can equip one active skill and three passive skills). [24] Free Fire characters have unique background stories. Some of these characters are inspired by real-life celebrities who have collaborated with Free Fire, such as Chrono with Cristiano Ronaldo, Dimitri&Thiva with Dimitri Vegas&Like Mike, A-Patroa with Anitta, Alok with DJ Alok, and JBeibs with Justin Bieber. In the game, players can use coins (game currency obtained through gaming and participating in activities) or diamonds (which can be purchased with real-world currency) to obtain all characters.

Pet system

In Free Fire, pets can provide support for players during battles. As of 2023, the game has a total of 21 different pets that players can choose to bring into battle. Each pet has a special ability that sets it apart from other pets. Some of these abilities are passive and automatically triggered, while others are active and require manual activation. One of the pets in the game, Pauline, was added in collaboration with Wonderland Legend. Players can also customize their pets with skins and expressions.

Ranking system

In Free Fire, the seven tier ranking system includes Bronze I II. Level III sub level, classify players based on their skills and performance. Players earn ranking points based on kill count, damage, survival time, and standing position, advancing from bronze to master. Season reset ranking (e.g. from Silver III to Bronze I or II). There are two ranking modes: Big Run ranking mode and Clash Squad ranking mode.

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