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Secret Landscape Tours


An Earth Mysteries Odyssey

Holy Thorn GlastonburySecret Landscape Tours specialises in guided tours of ancient sacred sites in Great Britain, including Glastonbury, Avebury, Stonehenge, North Wales, Cornwall and Dorset.

We aim to facilitate authentic experiences of the earth mysteries. We include some of the better known sacred sites in Britain - such as Glastonbury and Stonehenge - but we also take you to other little-known, rather more hidden holy areas. These undisturbed, evocative and secret places are deeply rewarding.

The sites that we have chosen are not difficult to access and are very special. They include stone circles, chambered tombs, ancient haunted lanes, holy wells, caves, fairy hills, tumuli, waterfalls, cairns, mystic woodlands, and more.



NEW for 2020!

A new Three Day Tour of the beautiful county of DORSET. You have the option of staying for three nights at the Summer Lodge Hotel, voted the number one hotel in the UK by Conde Nast Traveller Readers Choice 2015 or for a less expensive tour you can stay in  comfortable Bed and Breakfast accommodation



Date - October 3rd to October 12th 2020

We also run the 10 day Sacred Sites of the West Country for 1-3 people throughout the year at times to suit you. This flexability has made this our most popular tour!

Secret Landscape Tours takes you to these wonderful sites in comfort and with an experienced tour guide. We aim to give you an unforgettable experience with increased insight into what makes these remarkable places so special. Our tours are unique because many of the places we visit are relatively unknown and are visited by no other tour company.

Your main guide will be Louise Hodgson. Based for most of her life in south-west Britain and now living near Glastonbury, Louise has spent 35 years studying the sacred places of Britain and has a wealth of experience to share.

Secret Landscape Tours formed to give people access to something beautiful and beneficial. These tours are special - do join us!