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Avebury & Stonehenge

Avebury CircleAvebury and Stonehenge are two of the best-known prehistoric sites in the world.  They show how seriously our forefathers approached their spirituality. Aligned with the sun, moon and stars and set in a landscape full of tumuli and long barrows, they are way-showers in a Land of the Dead.

With Secret Landscape Tours, we will explore these immensely significant sites and visit other important ritual places in the area. We will be based for three days in the attractive small town of Devizes [map], which gives easy access to both Avebury, Stonehenge and the other sites we shall be visiting.

Our first day will be spent exploring Avebury and its environs. We spend the morning within the complex of circles, menhirs and avenues. After lunch in the village pub, we visit Lockeridge, an area where there are scattered sarsen stones, similar to those used for the building of Avebury and Stonehenge. Many large stones still remain here, scattered picturesquely on the turf slopes of this shallow valley. 

From here, we travel the few miles to Silbury Hill, the largest Neolithic mound in Britain and a distinctive and poignant landmark for miles around. We end the days' tour on Windmill Hill, a Neolithic ritual centre close to Avebury.


West Kennett Longbarrow

On our second day we commence by visiting a chalk hill figure, the Pewsey White Horse. There are several of these 'white horses' in the area, and although most were cut in historical times, they echo folk memories of tribal totems and gods.  In the summer, there are often crop circles in the fields below this site. 

We drive a few miles to the ancient tiny church at Alton Priors. In the lovely grounds rise 7 sacred springs. This is a sanctified place for quiet reflection before lunch in the famous canal-side Barge Inn, beloved by crop-circle enthusiasts. We visit any crop circles that might be nearby.

From here we go to the powerfully mysterious West Kennet Longbarrow, one of the best preserved in the whole of Britain. We drive from here up into the hills, to the long-barrow known as Adams Grave. From here, we walk to the Neolithic causeway camp on Knap Hill. We end our day with glorious views of one of the most sacred landscapes in the whole of Britain.


Our third day starts with Woodhenge, a henge monument thought to be a mortuary enclosure, a half-hour drive from Pewsey. We then move on to nearby Stonehenge. This site is justifiably famous. It is one of the largest and most powerful megalithic sites in the world and is quite awe-inspiring when seen for the first time. After we have visited these mighty stones, we explore the course of The Avenue, a ceremonial way, leading to Stonehenge. Nearby is the embankment known as The Cursus. As we walk alongside it, we can get an idea of the scale of this vast holy landscape, so unique in the world. After a pub lunch, we go to Normanton Downs, a special area where there is a concentration of Bronze Age tumuli. We proceed to the nearby town of Amesbury and near here we go to a beautiful part of the River Avon, revered as sacred in early times as a giver of life.

Near this place ends the great Avenue from Stonehenge and recent discoveries have uncovered what seems to be the remains of a small blue stone circle, making this riverside spot a very special place to end our tour. 

Don't forget you will be arriving at your accommodation the evening before the start day.


Comfortable bed and breakfast accommodation for three nights in the small and attractive town of Devizes [map], which is well situated for visiting the sites. Accommodation details will be sent to you prior to your departure.

Car - From London take the M3 going west and exit onto the A303 toward Andover. Just after Andover take the A342 towards Ludgershall. Carry on until you get to Upavon and turn right onto the A345 and Pewsey. Alternatively, you could take the M4, getting off at Hungerford and taking the A338 for Pewsey.

Train - Trains from London stations Paddington and Waterloo have trains to Pewsey. Train times can be accessed via the National Rail website.

Coach - There is a National Express coach to Pewsey from London coach station, Victoria Coach Station. Check coaches and times via the National Express website.

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