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Louise Hodgson


LOUISE HODGSON, founder of Secret Landscape Tours, writer and artist, has spent most of her life in areas of natural beauty.

She was inspired from an early age to explore what she considered to be the roots of her spirituality, hidden and revealed in Nature.

With a pack-pony and greyhound, she has travelled some of the ancient track-ways of England. Louise has appeared on television twice, discussing sacred landscape related issues.

Louise Hodgson


She has taught classes at a local College on 'Landscape and Spirituality' and given workshops on both the Earth Mysteries and Shamanism.


She is happy to share what she knows but is aware that being unobtrusive and letting the place 'speak' is also important. She will be our guide for most of the tours.

Louise is a talented landscape artist and offers some limited prints for sale. To view some previews of Louise's art, please click here.

Louise can be contacted at - louise.trackway@gmail.con


Secret Places Of West Dorset by Louise Hodgson

Louise's book, Secret Places of West Dorset, is now in its third edition!

"In this book I want to share my explorations into some of the lesser known special places within the huge variety of landscape features in West Dorset - sea, coastline, hills, streams, meadows and woods. I also find intruiging the ancient hollow ways and myriad old footpaths that criss-cross the countryside. There are also some fascinating characters, such as John Walsh, the 16th Century Cunning Man of Netherbury: "Under a full moon, careening in and out of the wilderness, careening in and out of the sensibility of the Cunning Man, the fairy hordes would manifest their wyrd wisdom and John Walsh would look and listen, translating the strangeness into the language of human undertanding."

Secret Places of West Dorset

ISBN 978-1906651091

Available from Amazon Books and from good book shops and the author

More information from Roving Press (publishers)

Louise's latest book - More Secret Places of West Dorset is now available!

George Wingfield 



GEORGE WINGFIELD was one of the early investigators of the crop circle phenomenon in southern England in the late 1980s and early 1990s. He is co-founder of the Centre for Crop Circle Studies (CCCS), and was editor of The Cerealogist magazine from 1993 until 1996.





Jane Sharp



JANE SHARP was one of the first organic farmers in the country. She believes in natural remedies for health and keeps a wonderful well-stocked flower and vegetable garden, growing most of her family's food. We have three one-day tours with Jane, exploring some of the beautiful gardens of Wessex. Contact us for details.